Our Tenant’s Daughter Episode 5/7

By | September 14, 2018

Beryl laid-in-state on me like someone who has just won a lottery – all smiling and cuddling my hand while I suffered dehydration both from the excessive sweating and the ejaculation. In my mind, I knew I had lost a virtue, and a bit of my soul to her.

I knew I had just gained the right to access that piece of flesh that hangs in-between her legs by the snap of my fingers. More so, that right surely comes with responsibilities. If for nothing at all, I am a candidate for fatherhood because my pullout skills failed me, or put more frankly, Beryl intentionally prevented me from practicing the Coitus Interruptus I learnt from the Science In Scope Textbook during my JHS days. For all the three rounds, her legs held me inside her like a calliper and all efforts to pullout proved futile.

“Hey, that was super. Which girl gets to enjoy all these at will?” she asked when it was obvious I wasn’t going to start a conversation. I ignored the question.

“Do you have anything here I can drink, energy drink or something?”

“Sure.” She headed for the fridge and brought out a bottle of malt and a tin of milk.

“Thank you, Beryl. Shouldn’t we be clearing this mess?”

She looked around to the pillows scattered all over the place. Her nightie was on the floor, beside my pair of trousers. The sofa was in the wrong position, with sweat and all kinds of fluid dripping on it. Beryl walked to the inner room naked and came back with a cloth wrapped around her body. For the first time, nothing moved in me at the sight of her body. She handed my trousers to me and started clearing the mess, while I sipped on my malt. We can call that Accounting 101.

The afternoon session was our first real class and I was happy I was doing what I came to do. After an initial kiss, which ended almost the same time it began, we were back to business. From the assessment test, I knew moving Beryl from an F9 to A1 in Core Maths was impossible so I have pegged her for and C6 or D7 just so she can get admission into a Polytechnic or one of those Teacher Training Schools. I also knew if she translated half of the seriousness she attaches to sex to her studies, she will be able to pass those two papers. But Beryl was not ready to learn anything despite my efforts to get her to concentrate. She held her chin in her fists and looked at me like a piece of sausage on the grill, ready to be eaten.

“Hey, can’t you see this thing isn’t working? Can we spend some more time together and meet in the evening to study? My mum won’t be back until after 10pm,” she finally said, taking the pen from me and closing the book.

I eyed her like a murderer! Couldn’t she see how lifeless I looked already?

“Hey, I’m drained. I am not ready for any more rounds; can we study?”


“Ok, I have something to tell you?”

The fibres in my brain heightened and for a moment, I felt my heart drop into my stomach and my mouth went dry.

“OK, I’m all ears.”

She moved her chair closer to mine and held my hand.

“Stan, our rent is due in three months and I want you to help us.”

Like a magic piece in Aladin’s puzzle, everything started making sense to me, and I knew I had just slept away my right to a two-year advance payment.

…to be continued.

Disclaimer: The people in the feature are not in anyway related to the story.

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