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Our Tenant’s Daughter Episode 7/7

I retracted my steps like a defeated wrestler returning to his teasing wife. Everything went blank. “Let’s settle this between ourselves; no third party. I am going to talk to my sisters to accept the part payment. Then I will subsidize the rent with my own portion of the lot. Cool?” “That’s a 25% discount… Read More »

Our Tenant’s Daughter Episode 6/7

The air around us became thick and my head began to ache. All of a sudden, Beryl’s presence became a nuisance to me. My first thought was to walk out and buy some time to think. “Stan, our rent is due in three months and I want you to help us.” Her words began to replay in… Read More »

Our Tenant’s Daughter Episode 5/7

Beryl laid-in-state on me like someone who has just won a lottery – all smiling and cuddling my hand while I suffered dehydration both from the excessive sweating and the ejaculation. In my mind, I knew I had lost a virtue, and a bit of my soul to her. I knew I had just gained… Read More »

Our Tenant’s Daughter Episode 4/7

I was surprised to see Beryl at the door when I responded to the knock. It was only 7:24am per my watch and I don’t remember scheduling the class this early. Part of my surprise can be attributed to her dressing. She was in a pink nightie that was over three inches above her knee.… Read More »

Our Tenant’s Daughter (Episode 3/7)

The silence that possessed the room after the nod of approval was by kind courtesy of shyness. Where it came from, I cannot tell. I stood there soaked in my own sweat, lacking motivation to take a bite at the pinky meat I’ve so desired. My tenant’s daughter, Beryl, gazed at me with impatient eyes.… Read More »

Our Tenant’s Daughter Episode 2/7

The night after that conversation was my most memorable night in Teshie. Everything became beautiful in my sight. My sparse room became luxurious all of a sudden and I felt a sense of pride. I was carried away by my fantasies to dreamland where I was walking the glass ocean with my tenant’s daughter. She… Read More »

Our Tenant’s Daughter Episode 1/7

When I moved to my new residence in Teshie, it was an ambitious move because I wasn’t ready for it. I was 25 and I thought living with my grandmother and sisters at that age was not a good move. With a chamber and Hall which I inherited from my grandfather at my disposal, I… Read More »