Our Tenant’s Daughter Episode 2/7

By | September 12, 2018

The night after that conversation was my most memorable night in Teshie. Everything became beautiful in my sight. My sparse room became luxurious all of a sudden and I felt a sense of pride. I was carried away by my fantasies to dreamland where I was walking the glass ocean with my tenant’s daughter. She whispered something to me and we entered into the bathroom only for me to open my eyes and see the dull wall of my room staring at me. Gosh!!!! The moist in my boxer shorts was an indication that the dream was wet.

I quickly checked the time; 9:27. Did I over sleep? Wait!!! What if my tenant’s daughter had come to knock on my door and left because I wasn’t available? I rushed through my morning routine, particularly brushing my teeth well in case it turns out to be an amazing first day as a teacher and my student offers something “mouthwatering”.

Back in the bathroom, I looked down at my “self esteem” and said a silent prayer. It has been years since it licked a red apple. My mind quickly went back to the last time it sipped the red wine from Yaa’s chalice. I felt blood rushing into my phallus so I reverted to preparing my lesson notes in memory.

I returned to my room refreshed like never before on a ‘no work’ morning like this. I wondered why I haven’t made it a habit to bathe twice. “I will try that out,” I resolved.

My initial plan was to give her an assessment test to see her weakness. But ultimately, I planned to ask for a hug, if in case she forgets it is part of the double entry principle. I intend it to be a tight hug during which I will press her bust tightly against my hairy chest to see if the look and feel are the same. That image of her cleavage was back on my mind and I was already gasping for breast, sorry, breath.

The long awaited knock came at exactly 12:14pm.

“Good morning, Sir.”

“Stan will do, my dear. Ready?”

That “ready” was more romantic than academic.

“Yes, please.”

“Forget about the please, too,” I tried to unformalize the conversation. She smiled and for the first time I saw her white teeth guarding her pink tongue. I so wanted to ask for a taste of those buds but courtesy took a better part of me so I simply asked, “Shall we?”

“Of course,” she answered, while leading me to her place, my mind fixed lustfully on her tundra rare view.

“Something must kill a man, and I think I just found mine,” I said naughtily but silently to myself.

The study was an improvised one with a board placed squarely on a set of gallons with two plastic chairs. I took a quick glance of the Wall of Frames.

“That’s a nice family picture you have there.”

“Thanks, Sir, ei, Stan.”

“Good student. The next time you call me ‘Sir’, I’ll chew that pink piece of meat in your mouth,” I tested the waters to see how receptive she was to silly jokes.

She smiled seductively, biting her lower lip, as if to say, “If it was a piece of meat, would you have met it?”

We both sat at the table. I picked the accounting textbook and wheeled the pages like fresh notes.


“So I have a quick assessment for you. Just to test your level of understanding.”

Her facial expression was enough to tell me she hates exams and all forms of test.

“Don’t panic; this is just a simple test. Shall we?

She nodded.


The test was over and I was now ready to leave. I needed that hug so badly to quench my lust.

“So tomorrow we will start in full swing. Don’t forget to make that list of topics you think we should focus on, right?

“I will. Stan, I’m so grateful you’re doing this for me. Thanks so much.”

“Don’t mention, my dear. What are tenants for?”

She smiled without moving so I decided to swallow my foolishness and take what rightfully belongs to me.

“Come here,” I managed to say with a trembling voice. She walked into my arms without hesitation and threw herself gently on me. It was meant to be a simple hug but I made it complex by locking her with my arms around her. Her head was resting on my left shoulder and I could hear her heart beating from a distance through the enlargements on her chest so I pressed her body to mine. To my utmost pleasure, she pressed on tighter. Afa!!!! I knew from this experience that she was going to be a good ALL ROUND student.

When we refrained from the hug, we locked eyes for the first time and she licked her lips. I licked mine too.

“Can I?”

She nodded.

….to be continued tomorrow.


DISCLAIMER: The people in the attached photo have no relationship with the story.

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