Ghana College of Pharmacists

By | May 31, 2021

The Mandate of the College is to: Promote specialist training in pharmacy, and related disciplines, Promote continuous professional development in pharmacy and related disciplines  Promote research in pharmaceutical practice and related disciplines, and Contribute to the formulation of policies on sound health, medicines, and public health general.

Ghana College of Pharmacists Programmes

The College Training Programmes are structured into two major courses, namely Membership and Fellowship.

College Entry Requirements
  1. Recommendation form Head of Institution
  2. Registered and in good standing with the Ghana Pharmacy Council and a recognized professional body
  3. Successfully completed the primaries course and passed the requisite examination interview
  4. At least practiced as a Registered Pharmacist for a minimum of 3 years post-graduation.

Divisions and Faculties of the College Division of Pharmaceutical Care

  • Faculty of Clinical Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Community and Family Pharmacy

Division of Pharmaceutical Production and Quality Assurance

  • Faculty of Drug and Herbal Medicine Production
  • Faculty of Quality Assurance

Division of Social and Public Health Pharmacy

  • Faculty of Social and Administrative Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Public Health Pharmacy

Membership of the college

Associate Member is a person who has:

  • Completed course in primaries for Diploma
  • Passed the primaries examinations for Diploma
  • Passed the Diploma examinations and awarded Diploma
  • Any other requirement that may be prescribed intake interview

Ghana College of Pharmaceuticals Contact Details

Ghana College of Pharmaceuticals


P. O. Box CT 10740, Cantoments, Accra

Tel: 0303-967737


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