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Pharmacology is the study of the changes produced in living animals by chemical substances, especially the actions of drugs used to treat disease.

Courses Offered

The department offers courses in physiology, pharmacology, toxicology and pharmacy informatics (Information Technology) to undergraduate students in the Bachelor of Pharmacy degree programme.

In addition, the Department provides courses in basic and applied pharmacology and toxicology to undergraduate students taking the B.Sc. (Human Biology) degree programme and BSc. Nursing, at the School of Medical Sciences.

The Department also provides courses in Pharmacology, biochemistry and pharmacy informatics to the undergraduate students taking the BSc.


Herbal Medicine programme, and ocular pharmacology to the Doctor of Optometry of the College of Physical Sciences.

Contact Details


Deans Office
Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences


Office of the Dean: +233 3226 0359
Pharmaceutics: +233 3226 0374
Pharmaceutical Chemistry: +233 3226 0367
Pharmacology: +233 3226 0372
Pharmacognosy: +233 3226 0366
Clinical & Social Pharmacy: +233 3226 3612
Herbal Medicine: +233 3226 0366

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