"War" On University Of Ghana Campus

by Israel Boafo Bansah

A clash erupted this dawn between Commonwealth Hall (Vandals) and Akuaffo Hall Annex B (Gonja) around 12 am when a Commonwealth Hall boy was hit by water from the topmost floors of Akuaffo Hall Annex B.
The clash started after Akuaffo Hall week artiste night celebration which featured Mr. Eazi. It all started when Akuaffo Hall boys kept shouting and hurling insults at students and other people who were coming from Night market and it’s opposite; the athletic oval.
It became rife and escalated when a member of Commonwealth Hall was hit by a sachet of water. He did not take kind to it and hurled back insults to the perpetrators who also responded in same measure. The VANDAL then went to call other members of his Hall who returned with stone slabs and sticks. In all the VANDALS numbered around 25.
This resulted in stone throws from the commonweal Hall boys that destroyed the light bulbs and the louver blades in the Akuaffo Hall annex D. Some bills around have all been burnt down by the Commonwealth Hall boys including a big banner belonging to Mariam Sea (an SRC presidential hopeful) and that of TEIN welcoming students to campus bearing the image of the President; John Dramani Mahama and also the parliamentary candidate Ayawaso West Wuogon; Mr. Delali Kwasi Brempong.
This went on from 12:47 am till about 01:12 am. The police upon a tip off arrived around 01:32 am but everyone had dispersed so no arrests were made.
This come exactly a week after a similar class between Commonwealth Hall and Mensah Sarbah Hall which resulted in the smashing of a windscreen of a private car and also a taxi cab. But for the timely intervention of the Police and the Fire Service, it would have turned worse!

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