Legon Student Under Fire For Insulting, Threatening To Burn Ewes

By | October 13, 2016

A final year student of the University of Ghana is facing condemnation online for making disparaging remarks about Ewes.
The student, whose name was given as Wilson, made the unprovoked attacks on Ewes in a Whatsapp group with his fellow Geography coursemates.
“If you wake up one morning and your parents tell you you are Ewe. What will you do? A. Burn Yourself B. Cry C. Accept your Fate,” he asked on the platform.
Wilson’s classmates who were Ewes drew his attention to the unpalatable remarks, but he fired insults at them.
Read the exchanges below:
Social media did not take kindly to the remarks:
The Ewe are an ethnic group located in Togo and Volta Region, Ghana . They speak the Ewe language (Ewe: Eʋegbe) and are related to other speakers of Gbe languages, such as, the Fon, Gen, Phla Phera, and the Aja people of Togo and Benin.


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