by Israel Boafo Bansah

One of the most authoritative social media users in the University of Ghana is the NEWSMAN, a group that the current SRC Presidential Aspirant, OTTING is a part of. The newsman has become ubiquitous, presenting us openhandedly with the news stories making headlines both locally and abroad.
NEWSMAN’s reach is incredible, tearing down boundaries; it is on more than a half of the Whatsapp pages of the university belonging to academic and non-academic clubs and associations. NEWSMAN as a result has gained such a wide credibility for being reliable; sparing more than sufficient time every day to craft Whatsapp broadcasts to keep students informed.
It isn’t however all generosity, The NEWSMAN didn’t just set out to be the father Christmas of news headlines taking time off every day to collate stories from several media outlets online. It is without a shred of doubt the greatest campaign machination OTTING has; the obvious but threatening trick up his sleeve. Having attached his name to just about every NEWSMAN post which is read, shared and re-shared a great deal everyday, OTTING just became a target for the sympathies of an impressive fraction of the UG community who believe he ought to be duly compensated for spending such valuable time to deliver informative news content to students…and what better way for the electorate to show their gratitude than to give him the SRC.
The NEWSMAN is an effigy, a tall daunting obelisk hanging over every student’s head. It won’t ask you to vote for OTTING. But it’ll give you; news, news and more news; suggesting exactly why you should vote for OTTING.
Who doesn’t want an SRC president that is updated to the minute on local and international affairs? Nobody.

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