by Israel Boafo Bansah

For the sake of obtaining a central government for students across the country, the National Union of Ghana Students known widely by the acronym NUGS was established. From then onwards, NUGS arguably unraveled more consistent brouhaha than it served its purpose as a political coalition for Ghanaian students. The union has gone through the hands of more than enough prefects who have tirelessly but vainly fought to heal it’s cunning ability to render student leadership news rather sour. Finally, a more gallant man has stepped up to do his bid in curbing the plague in Greater Accra. Meet Gilles; the man to turn NUGS a bloody red.
Gilles Ametepe is a sophomore at UG who scanning leadership from a much fresher perspective. At only second year, he has served on a number of intra-UG governments and earned the admiration of colleagues and a top spot on the student leaders to watch out for in a few years. Gilles heads the current SRC’s Secretarial Committee. His panache in secretarial work further led him to occupy the office of the Coordinating secretary of the University of Ghana French Club, one of the most vibrant clubs in the school.
Ametepe strongly believes he envisages a “role he has to play in the strengthening and growth of NUGS.” Hence his decision to go a step further, eyeing the office of Chair of Press and Information Secretary of the NUGS-Greater Accra. Gilles has widely disseminated his scheme to rebrand the NUGS; THE RED AGENDA which is candidly, outright genius.
R- Re-structuring  NUGS’ communication system
E- Expansion of NUGS’ media reach
D- Design and Implementation of NUGS’New Social Media Strategy
This trio-fold strategy to me is not just an acronym or strategy of liturgical orientation. It is a testament of keen observation over NUGS’ ecosystem and an intellectual estimation of what needs to be done to clear their undeserved name. Having being called a puppet institution of major political parties, a factory for the elite and the machination of politicians, Gilles believes he…alone has the key to unlocking a much less slanderous NUGS.

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