by Israel Boafo Bansah

The New Orleans Recreation Department held a long awaited pool party to commemorate the city’s first summer season of SWIMMING WITHOUT ANY DROWNING. This activity may seem rather unnerving for some people; I being one of them since it is odd and against anyone’s better judgment to throw a large party simply because no one died on your property. This is as if to say you had expected the alternative all year long.
The pool party was impressively patronized by local folks in the colorful city of New Orleans (which Niclaus Michaelson is so bent on possessing). It was attended by more than a hundred off-duty highly experienced and professional lifeguards who had so tirelessly and restlessly prevented any drowning for 365 days that year. In addition, the authorities provided four active life guards that night making it the safest possible pool party ever held that whole year. It was safe for anybody at all, unless you are Jerome Moody.
Some way somehow, Moody defied all odds and regardless the massive number of trained lifeguards present at the party covertly sunk to the bottom of the pool and stayed right there for the rest of the night. Ominously, Jerome was not discovered until after the party reechoing the claim that death knows what she wants and goes after it no matter what.

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