Kwaku Asante To Face The Diciplinary Committee Of The SRC

by Israel Boafo Bansah

Kwaku Asante, a student activist in the University of Ghana has been hauled to the Disciplinary Committee of the SRC by the Deputy Speaker of the General Assembly of the SRC over an article he wrote recently.

The reason being that he mentioned that the General Assembly had approved a budget of GHC 40,000 instead of a little over GHC 38,000.
A letter sighted by LegonConnect signed and countersigned by the chairman of the committee as well as th Secretary of the committee is titled ‘Request For Your Presence’.
And read in part that “with reference to an article written by you stating that”… the SRC had its budget of 40,000 Ghana Cedis for the week celebration approved by the General Assembly amidst…” You are by this letter summoned to the Disciplinary Committee of the SRC for a fair hearing as a case has been filed against you for stating so, by the Deputy Speaker of the General Assembly.”

The Summon Letter Received By Kwaku Asante

When Kwaku Asante was reached for his comments and also to ask whether it was true he said that earlier on he had received a phone call from a person who didn’t mention his name but asked him to meet him at the SRC Union Building at 7:30 which he did only to be shoved into a room and told that it was a hearing of the Disciplinary Committee.
He tells us that he had no problem explaining the reasons for the writing of such an article and was responsive but later declined their questions and demanded that a formal letter be written to him detailing the reason for the summon and the person behind the summon for him to fully work with the committee. Kwaku Asante looks unfettered and sees some of this as an attempt to gag which he jokingly swears can never happen under any circumstance.
The committee has done so and the hearing Is scheduled for 7 pm today at the Vice president’s office at the SRC Union Building and we will be around to get you what happens afterwards.
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