When your husband ignores you, here what to do.

By | August 9, 2016

In many cases, women are generally more emotional than men. Does he only make discussion at specified events? There are some men who feel that they’ve been with their wives for so long that they usually do not feel the need to make cheap conversation. Some men are not very good with making conversations and do not like to talk very often. If this describes the issue, there is nothing to worry about. Otherwise, if your husband is totally ignoring you, you need to do something about it quick.

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Most men stop being attentive after courtship. He no longer brings you flowers or your favorite candy bar from work. It seems as though he might have forgotten your existence.
Before you can tackle this issue you need to know why he is ignoring you. Here are a few reasons why your husband could be ignoring you.When your husband ignores you

• You don’t give him breathing space.

Let your husband settle down, have a shower and dinner when he’s back from work. Don’t start sensitive conversations immediately he walks through the door. Allow him breathe.

• He could be depressed.

Try to cheer him up whenever you notice he’s feeling down. He could be having problems at work and the last thing he needs is to have issues at home. Let the home be peaceful for love’s sake.

• You talk too much all the time and don’t give enough room for him to voice out his opinions.

He might be quiet but it doesn’t mean he is listening. You should be conversing with him it’s not a one-man show.

• You don’t know when to communicate.

Stop the silence by communicating with him at the right time. Do not choose inappropriate or inconvenient scenarios to start up a conversation. Settled in bed might be a good time.

• You don’t make use of proper eye contact.

Your husband can tell the importance of the conversation by just making simple eye contact with him. You do not need to raise your voice or make sarcastic comments in order to let him know how serious you are.

• You don’t appreciate his emotions.

Learn to reward him for the little things he does. Thank him and make him feel wanted. Men love to know that they are important.

• Stop ignoring him.

Yes, sometimes the reason he ignores you is because you ignore him unconsciously. Maybe you spend more time with the kids than with him or you prefer to hang out with your friends and colleagues. Your husband needs your attention and he might keep to himself of he thinks you’re not giving him enough of it. Men get jealous too.

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• You complain too much.

Every couple has ups and downs. Women tend to nag more than men in relationships and it could frustrate him. Learn to soothe yourself sometimes. Avoid unnecessary complaints and arguments. Stop feeling neglected every time there is an issue between you and your husband.

• Encourage him and let him know you have his back.

Men feel insecure too sometimes. Maybe he is about to venture into a new business deal and is feeling a bit nervous. If you’re not the encouraging woman he needs, he will most likely keep to himself. These situations weigh him down and make him feel alone.

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Since worrying is not going to help, here are a few things to do when your husband ignores you.relationshipeguide

• Create space between you two.

He is likely over confident and feeling too secure. He knows you’ll always be there for him and he no longer feels the need to work hard to impress you. Sometimes he knows you want to talk but he doesn’t acknowledge that you need him as well. Once he feels he is losing his grip on you, he’ll realize he needs to pay more attention to you.

• Communicate and clear up all misunderstandings.

Never go to bed with a grudge against your husband and vice versa. Always try to settle all quarrels before the next day. Don’t keep things bottled up inside you for too long, make the first step. Apologize when you’re wrong and draw him closer with your humility. He will have no genuine reasons to ignore you when you do this.

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• Keep your cool and stay happy.

Regardless of his attitude towards you, take a deep breath and pay attention to yourself. Never engage in drugs or alcohol. You need to be happy with yourself before others can be happy with you. Try not to lose yourself in the midst of all the drama. If he sees you’re happy with or without him, he will appreciate your attention more.


• Dress up and go out.

Treat yourself to a spa day or nice dinner. Wear a sexy dress and feel good about yourself. Appreciate yourself. Let your outer beauty lead him to your inner beauty. Your husband won’t be able to ignore you in a sexy red number, hot make-up and high heels.

• Positive vibes only!

Surround yourself with positivity and let others inspire you. Vibes are very contagious so be around good, happy people. He will notice your good vibes and he will feel the need to talk to you whenever he is down. Everybody needs a dose of happiness.

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• Express yourself through writing.

Whether it’s a song, poem or just putting down your feelings on a piece of paper or in a diary. Help yourself out, it’s like therapy and it works most times.

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• Spend some alone time.

Finish up a book or take a hike. Enjoy nature and be with yourself. Reinvent yourself. Let him see that spark in you, quit moping around.

• Be a vibrant woman.

Get involved in volunteer work or some extracurricular activity. Find something you are passionate about. You need to show him you still have many interests.relationshipeguide

Make it happen. Don’t just sit around and expect things to be okay. You have the power to create that deep connection and make him see the jewel that is you.
Good luck!relationshipeguide

In your Experience tell me what’s your thoughts are on this topic? how did it happen for you? I always love a good success story. You guys, do share your thoughts with me and other readers!




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