We The People

by Israel Boafo Bansah

Our continuity

Is in our unity,

The country’s

Falls lies in our histories

Left untold

As we watch with our arms unfold.

Our would-be leaders

Put on the ancient feathers

And high they soar like eagles

While we the people perish in circles,

And the very government is they

So they enjoy immunities after election day.

Hold no guns in a master-dog relationship

And see mothers suffer cruel hardship,

Wisdom is not in one head,

Flee from their grips, forget what you heard.

Is not a chief, a chief by the people?

And O, kings preach peace, not trouble.

They are no leaders but politickers,

In election, they’re confidence tricksters.

When you hear they as the collective we

Do not ran Amok with glee

And let peace prevail as we all plea

And Safe the Psalmist’s Harper from flee.

By: David Etornam Gbetey
a.k.a The African Psalmist
Tel: 0241629219 (WhatsApp)
Twitter: Degbetey

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