UNISA Short course: Strategic Information Systems Planning in practice (75566)

By | November 7, 2017

UNISA Short course: Strategic Information Systems Planning in practice (75566)

short course: strategic information systems planning in practice (75566)

The module is designed to provide insights into the way in which technical aspects in the modern computing environment in organisations may be used and changed into knowledge for use in key managerial decisions, in order to obtain and sustain a competitive advantage in the new economy. It aims to equip practitioners with the expertise in strategic planning for the IS/IT Departments in general, and of the complexities concerning the implementation of such a plan that it aligns with the organisation’s strategic business plan. Within an organisation, such people are able to provide sound business advice, guidance and support at a strategic planning level to a range of people to ensure that such plan is accepted and communicated to all stakeholders. 

Target group
The module is appropriate for practitioners who advise and assist their Informatics Department management to prepare and present a well-planned, coordinated and organised strategic plan.

Admission requirements
The following are required:

  • Matriculation certificate qualification.
  • Prior experience: Although a Matric qualification is required, students will benefit most if they already have some prior industry IT management experience.
  • Writing skills: The ability to write academic assignments.
  • Study skills: The ability to study independently through the medium of written tuition material.

Semester course
Language medium
Registration periods
See https://cs-cert.unisa.ac.za/register.html
Tuition method
The ODL model of Unisa is applicable.
Prescribed material: The course fee includes all prescribed material – tutorial letters and prescribed book. The prescribed book is: Haag, S. and Cummings, M. (2013) Management Information Systems for the Information Age, 9th edition, McGraw-Hill Irwin, ISBN: 978-0-07-131464-0.
Tutorial letters: Students will be provided with tutorial material necessary for the understanding of the course contents as well as the completion of required assignments.
IT Management Workshops: Practical workshops may be organised should the need arises.
Telephone and e-mail support: This will be the preferred means of communication.


The Internet: It will be used as an additional communication medium between the lecturers (for feedback on assignments) and the students (assignment submission). Forum and myUnisa support will be used.
Kind of assessment
Formative assessment will be based on two written assignments. Summative assessment includes a written exam at the end of the period. A Unisa certificate will be awarded to a candidate who obtains a final mark of at least 50%.
Strategic Information Systems Planning in Practice (CSSP1DH)
HEQF level of module – 5
Credits of module – 12
Syllabus/Course content
The information age: Changing the face of the modern business.

  • Business initiatives: The competitive advantage offered by ICTs.
  • Databases and data warehouses: The analytics-driven organisation
  • Business intelligence, decision support, Artifical intelligence considerations.
  • E-business and E-commerce.
  • System development life cycles.
  • Infrastructure, Cloud computing, metrics, Business continuity planning.
  • Social media, ethical and legal implications, Industry guidelines for cyber- and information security.
  • Emerging trends, Technology innovation.

Course fee
R4400.00 (full amount payable on registration)

Study package
The course fee includes all study material, including the textbook: Haag, S & Cummings, M. 2013. Management information systems for the Information Age. 9th edition. McGraw-Hill Irwin. ISBN 9780071314640. Additional study material will be provided should the need arise.
Course leader
Prof J A van der Poll
Office 3-38
Unisa Graduate School of Business Leadership (SBL), Midrand
Tel: +27-11-652-0316
Cell: +27-84-580-4008
E-mail: [email protected]
Programme administrator(s)
Ms Pertunia Masalesa
School of Computing
GJ Gerwel Building, Floor 3, Office 05
Tel: 011 670 9139/9189

Fax: 011 670 9174/9274
E-mail: [email protected]


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