UNISA Short course: Applied Project Management In An Information Technology Environment (70467)

By | November 7, 2017

UNISA Short course: Applied Project Management In An Information Technology Environment (70467)

short course: applied project management in an information technology environment (70467)

This course on software project management is intended for first time project managers and project managers wanting to expand and formalise their knowledge.  The course aims to provide students  with the basic skills, knowledge and competence to effectively understand and manage information technology projects.

There is a need for a project management course focusing specifically on the management of Information Technology (IT) projects.  Most similar courses focus less on IT, form part of a curriculum for a formal degree, and are less skills oriented.  Given the growth of the IT industry, a need exists for computer specialists, as well as project managers, to gain a practical and theoretical foundation for managing IT projects, as this area has been grossly neclegted over time.

There is a definite need for courses that do not require an employee to interrupt their work schedule for an extended period to obtain a formal qualification. This certificate course fulfills this need as it focuses on sensitising the prospective student on concepts, techniques and strategies available to an IT project manager.

Target group
The course caters for:

  • Project managers who work in an Information Technology environment and wish to obtain a certified qualification.
  • General project managers who want to focus on the management of IT related projects, and
  • Persons working in an IT related environment and aspiring to broaden their career path to include project management of IT projects.

Admission requirements
The following are required:

  • Matriculation certificate qualification
  • Experience in an Information Technology environment or exposure to a project mangement practice is recommended.

Semester course
Language medium
Registration periods
See https://cs-cert.unisa.ac.za/register.html
Tuition method
The ODL model of Unisa is applicable
In particular the following will be used:

  • Tutorial letters and additional tutorial material necessary for the module
  • Telephone, email support and the Internet
  • Consultations and solutions of material
  • Study material will be in English only

Kind of assessment
Formative assessment will be based on two written assignments. Summative assessment includes a written exam at the end of the period. A Unisa certificate will be awarded to a candidate who obtains a final mark of at least 50%.
Applied Project Management in an Information Technology Environment (CSPM1DR)
HEQF level of module – 5
Credits of module – 12
Syllabus/Course content
Each topic below will be approached specifically from an Information Technology perspective:

  • The context of the management of information technology projects; the environment, project management framework, process groups and knowledge areas.
  • The information technology project management profession: its history, professional organisations such as the Project Management Institute (PMI), certification and ethics.
  • Information technology project integration management: the strategic planning process, the project charter, the project management plan, as well as project execution, management and monitoring.
  • Software project scope management, requirements elicitation, the work breakdown structure and change control.
  • Software project time management: activity scheduling, various tools and techniques, activity duration estimation and schedule management.
  • Software project cost management: cost management principles, concepts, types of cost estimates and methods.
  • Software project risk management: qualitative risk analysis, risk management plan, risk monitoring and controlling.
  • Case studies are used throughout to illustrate software project management techniques, and project management software assisting with project management tasks are delineated.

Course fee
R4600.00 (full course fee payable at registration).
Study package
The course fee include all study material: tutorial letters and prescribed book.
Ms Pertunia Masalesa
School of Computing
GJ Gerwel Building, Floor 3, Office 05
Tel: 011 670 9139/9189

Fax: 011 670 9174/9274
E-mail: [email protected]


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