UNISA Short course: Applied Information Security (76809)

By | November 7, 2017

UNISA Short course: Applied Information Security (76809)

short course: applied information security (76809)

The purpose of this unit is to empower students with the necessary skills and knowledge regarding the technical counter measures of addressing cyber security risks and threats within a business environment. These skills and knowledge will assist students within their working environment to contribute to the growth of an Information Security society as well as the enrichment of the overall Information Security Body of Knowledge within the industry, government and education sector.

Target group

This course is intended for intermediate users who want to increase their understanding of information security and cyber related issues and business processes within industry. The course covers all of the need-to-know information about the technical and managerial countermeasures needed to secure a business environment and how to detect and avoid security attacks.

Admission requirements 

  • NQF level 5 qualification within the Information Security field or
  • Successfully completed the Short Course in Information Security (CSIS1DFat UNISA.

Semester course

Language medium

Registration periods
For more information about registrations visit: https://cs-cert.unisa.ac.za/register.html

Tuition method
UNISA open distance learning with a text book and additional material: students will be expected to cover the work by working through the prescribed text book and additional material; tutorial letters: the lecturers will provide additional tutorial matter necessary to aid understanding of the course content; assignments: students will be required to complete assignments which will form an inherent part of their preparation for the examination; telephone and e-mail support: this will be the preferred means of communication; the internet: it will provide an additional way of communicating to the lecturers and submitting assignments

Kind of assessment
Note: Formative assessment and examination admission will comply with UNISA’s formative assessment rules and policies
Formative assessment: Assignments
Summative assessment: Two-hour written examination

Applied  Information Security (CSIS02D)
HEQF Level of Module – 6
Credits of Module – 12

Specific topic coverage includes:

  • Define information security.Define key terms and critical concepts of information security.
  • Describe the information security roles of professional within an organization.
  • Demonstrate that organizations have a business need for information security.
  • Differentiate between laws and ethics.Define managements’ roles in information security.
  • Explain information security’s connection to the business plan.

Course Fee
The fee for this course is R4400.00 (full course fees payable on registration).

Study package 
Included: The course fees include all study material. 
Programme administrator(s)
Ms Pertunia Masalesa

School of Computing
GJ Gerwel Building, Floor 3, Office 05
Tel: 011 670 9139/9189
Fax: 011 670 9174/9274
E-mail: [email protected]


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