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UNISA Careers

In an information society and knowledge economy, a network of alumni and students is part of a tertiary institution’s intellectual capital. It is our aim to connect our alumni stakeholders to others who can enhance their knowledge and skills and who can provide an introduction to new prospects and opportunities.

Career decisions are among the most important decisions people tend to make, and they have an impact on every aspect of their lives. Rapid change, globalisation, economic pressures, and corporate restructuring have made it necessary for employees to actively manage their careers. By providing education, guidance, networking opportunities and career services, Unisa Alumni can help its alumni stakeholders to pro-actively manage their careers.


The aim of this Alumni Career Portal is to:

  • Give you visibility of different job opportunities in the market in one place so that you don’t need to consult many different websites, newspapers and agencies
  • Name the different companies that are employing so that you know exactly who you are applying to
  • Allow you to apply directly to the employer by linking you directly to their career site

Click here to browse jobs and apply
Please note: Some companies will want you to register on their career site before you can apply for jobs. In this case, during the registration process, write down and keep your login and password so that it is very quick to apply to the same company for another job later. Other companies will simply ask you to attach your word document CV and the system will email it to them.

There is no cost to you and a percentage of the advertising revenue will go to Unisa to boost our bursary fund.
Note to employers:
To advertise jobs on the Alumni Portal, please click on the link above and follow the instructions. This alumni careers website is viewed by alumni from across the world, ranging in experience and industry, so it is a great place to find talent for your business.


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