UGSRC 2020 elections: Nicholas Nii Teiko Armah (Banana) launches campaign for Treasurer


LEGON (LegonConnect) – Former candidate for the Business House Junior Common Room presidency, Nicholas Nii Teiko Armah, popularly known as Banana, has formally announced he is running for Treasurer in the forthcoming UGSRC elections after weeks of speculation. 

In a campaign flyer launching the announcement, the popular Business School student acknowledged that “the race to elect our next batch of UGSRC executives” had “begun in earnest” and said that “this year’s campaign must be about the things that matter” and “putting students first”.
Ending weeks of speculation over his plans, Banana enters the race with natural campaigning experience and eager support, both of which are strengths he gleans from his run for the BHJCR Presidency last semester.

He also enters the race with a large, loyal following from his previous campaign, and this was evident from the hundreds of people who shared his announcement flyer on their WhatsApp statuses and on the various campus WhatsApp platforms on Monday, January 6, 2020. 

“My reason for running is very simple” Banana said in his announcement flyer; “it is to ensure that we get value for the dues we pay”. He also announced that he “look[s] forward to meeting with [students] in their rooms, lecture halls and on the road as [he] kick starts the campaign”. 


Who is Banana? 

Popularly known as Banana, a nickname he’s reported to have gotten from his days in Accra Academy, Nicholas Nii Teiko Armah is a student of the University of Ghana Business School and resident of Hilla Limann.

Last semester, he run for BHJCR President, an election many had expected Emmanuel Obi (Zlatan) to win easily- and defied expectations- losing the election by less than only twenty votes. Banana will face one Emmanuel Achio in the Treasurer race. The election for the next batch of UGSRC executives will be held sometime in April this year.


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