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The Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration Cut Off Points For Master of Science MIS (MSc MIS)

Master of Science In Management Information Systems (MSC MIS)

The usefulness of IS in contemporary organisations is reflected in the current trend of technology integration in public and private sector organisations. But this integration should be based on a systematic understanding of the relationships between information technology and organisations as well as the co-evolution of this relationship.

Thus, the MSc MIS programme aims to equip graduates with specialised IS knowledge and skills which will enable them to:

  • Make sound judgments to help organisations adopt and deploy the most suitable IT for particular purposes;
  • Study an organisation and its processes to determine how IT can be used to enhance those processes;
  • Contribute towards judgments on the implementation of adopted IT;
  • Analyse organisational use of IT with the aim of improving end-user satisfaction;
  • Secure an organisation’s information resources effectively to reduce risk; and
  • Engage in significant measures of research-oriented training.

Admission Requirements

  1. They must have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university.
  • Those with a minimum of 2nd Class Upper degree may be admitted directly after their

Bachelor’s degree.

  • Those with 2nd Class Lower degree should have a minimum of two years work experience.
  • They may come from a variety of backgrounds but must have a basic knowledge and skills in IT.
  • A formal interview may be used to determine all applicants’ ability to take and pass the most technical courses of the programme.

Courses Offered

First Year   
SOT701AOrganisational Study of ISSOT702ADatabase and
   Programming Concepts
SOT703AIS ManagementSOT704ANetworks and
SOT705ASystems Analysis & DesignGMBA601Managing Organizations
Second Year  
SOT707AInformation Risk and Security 
SOT709AIS Research Methods3 Electives
SOT711AIT Project Management 
SOT700AMSc Project 

IS Electives (3 credits each)

S0T709A: IT and Development

S0T710A: Information and Knowledge Society

SOT711A: Data Warehousing

SOT712A: IS in Public Administration

SOT714A: Business Intelligence and Data Mining

Non-IS Electives (3 credits each)

GBUS711: Accounting for Decision Making

GBUS712: Analytic Skills for Decision Making

PRMT703: Total Quality Management

PRMT704: Advanced Project Management

PRMT702: Supply Chain Analytics

PRMT705 Service Operations Management

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