Statement By SRC President of UG on GHc50 payment for fuel

By | June 10, 2016

Below is a statement by the SRC president of University of Ghana on the GHc 50 fuel money to be paid by some of the halls come next semester.
This statement was engineered by a press release signed by Kissi Pince (Student Activist of the year 2016) accusing the SRC president of conniving with the JCRs and Hall managements to further aggravate the financial burden of students.
Below is the full statement by the SRC president



Earlier speculations arrived at my desk concerning the maintenance fees the hall managements want to levy on students.
As an SRC we called the JCR executives to ask what exactly the negotiations were.
It was agreed that since the management has their way of maintaining the facilities, the best thing is to continue with that process.
The agreement that is in question had to do with we all (JCR AND SRC) deciding on letting the hall management look into the residential fees and finding ways of making room for maintenance since there already exists a component for that purpose.
We called a meeting with the hall masters of the four halls and asked that they sit back on the issue.
We tabled that they try as much as they can to toggle around the residential fees that students pay in order to make room for maintenance.
I therefore want to state clearly that I have not “backed any subtle move of hall managements” concerning any bills.
Our duty is to come in to support the various JCRs in fighting for students interest in times when matters if this nature arises.
The SRC has not agreed to let students pay for GHC 50 separate fees for maintenance of facilities.
We humbly ask that everyone calm down as we wait on the management to tell us on their final resolution.
University of Ghana


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