SRC Cannot Build And Manage A Hostel Facility – Legon VC

By | March 14, 2024

The vice chancellor of University of Ghana Prof Ernest Aryeetey debunks the ability of the Students’ Representative Council to build and manage an SRC hostel facility for students (The SRC hostel project). According to him, building and managing a whole hostel facility is not as easy as they think and he is not sure the SRC is having the capacity to do so.
When pushed further and given examples of such initiatives which are working in University of Cape Coast and other universities across the country by the host of radio universe Caleb Kuda, he said the Students’ Representative Council is having the burden to prove to him that they are having the capacity to do same and such facilities are working properly in the other universities. He said the SRC leadership must present a solid proposal to him concerning how they intend to build and manage such a facility.
Prof. Ernest Aryeetey said this when he was having his possibly last radio interview on the campus radio station as a vice chancellor of University of Ghana.



The SRC hostel project is a project initiated by the Students’ Representative Council about 5 years ago. The hostel project seeks to provide affordable student housing for the students of University of Ghana. An amount of money was accumulated over the years towards the project and that amount is still laying in an investment account in trust for the SRC.
A specified amount was taken out of the said SRC investment account by the Combat and Edem administration to purchase some SRC shuttles for the students. The rest of the money is said to still be in investment for the SRC accumulating interest.
The Fobi led SRC is said to have provided a solid breakdown of the details of how the SRC interns to fund and undertake this facility to the vice chancellor but according to the vice chancellor, he is still not convinced by the capacity of the Students’ Representative Council to build and manage such a facility as yet.


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