This simple trick will make all your lecture problems disappear forever

by Israel Boafo Bansah


Your days of never having lecture notes are over. Forever.

One of the biggest challenges tertiary students face is the lecture room wahala. This trick might bring an end to it.

A student most likely ends up with one of these kinds of lecturers; the first one doesn’t lecture and just gives out handouts. The second one comes to just lecture in class and leaves.

Oh wait, there’s a third one; the one that doesn’t even come for classes at all. Hopefully, you don’t get this one.

So imagine your lecturer comes to class, and he’s teaching. One thing you have to cope with sometimes is how boring the lectures can get. You might be trying to take notes, but the lecturer is so boring you just sleep off on your notebook.

But what if someone else could help you write your notes while you sleep?

What if for every time you’re distracted, someone else is actually taking your notes for you?

Almost everybody has their own Acada squad; the people you read with and copy each other’s assignments and notes. What if you could all collaborate, to create that one robust lecture note everyone can gain from?

This is what you’ll do.

Download Google Docs on your phone or open it on your computer browser at

It’s like Microsoft Word, except it’s for Google. But this is where Google Docs is better than Microsoft Word for you; it’s online. So I can take a link to a Google Document and share it with you, and even be able to edit it!

So lets say you share a Google Doc link with your Acada squad and name it “Mr Kampari’s Course 212”

Everyone in the squad takes note from all the lectures, and automatically, one person’s note, becomes everybody’s note. So even if for some reasons, you sleep off in class, or even miss the lecture, the note is right there on your phone.

So Imagine you do this, you and your squad, for an entire semester. Then any place you don’t understand, someone who understands it can actually leave small explanations for you there, and everyone can benefit too.

So by the time you’re studying, your note is not only better than everybody else’s note in class, it’s probably richer than the lecturer’s handout or whatever it is he wants to share.

Now, think of a few friends you can try it with. You’ll be amazed at the magic you and the squad will create together. It’s really really easy to use, by the way.

Good luck!

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