The Self Development Strategy Series

by Israel Boafo Bansah

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Self Development Tip of the day?:
Today’s Tip
?The golden rule of self development is to first accept that nobody can develop ‘you’ except yourself.
Self development is a decision. People might try helping you in numerous ways to develop yourself but for the rendered help to be effective, you must believe in what the person has on the table and accept it?.
It is the same principle involved in forcing food on a one year old. He is surely going to spit it out and come back for more after crawling around ?. Now take a ten year old who will accept the food not because he’s hungry but because he knows there will come a time where he will need it .?
The whole point is, the one year old rejects the food because to him, he doesn’t need it at that point but what he doesn’t know is, he can put some aside and eat it when he is later hungry .?
In the same vein, as babies we do not know the essence of self development but as we grow older, we get to understand its essence.
To develop yourself, you must first of all believe in yourself and understand why you need to develop yourself. ?
Nobody can force you! You can force a horse to the riverside but you cannot force it to drink water.
C’est la même principe.
(It’s the same principle)
Folks, lace up your action boots and get ready to jog down the… ‘Self development lane’
#Development starts with you.?
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Wishing u a splendid day??

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