Have You Seen The Thief That Was Stripped Naked At Pent Hallweek On Saturday? Check It Out

By | March 5, 2018

Last Saturday, it looked like the whole of Accra … (and KNUST students…yeah we saw you all!) turned up at the Pentagon hostel for its much-anticipated climax to their hall week celebration: The artiste night!!!!
The streets were filled to the max and seriously, if you were asthmatic, Kwesi Arthur’s performance would have killed you!!
Now, as it has become disturbingly normal, wherever there’s a crowd, personal items are bound to get missing and Saturday, at Pent was no exception.
According to an eyewitness, a guy in a red shirt raised the alarm that his phone had been snatched and pointed to the alleged thief as the one who probably stole it mainly because he stood behind him. The eyewitness added that some of them felt the alleged thief wasn’t guilty because after searching him, no stolen phone was found.
That didn’t stop the people around, most of them intoxicated and hyped, from giving the “thief” a beating of his life.
Fortunately, a policeman came in to resolve things and dragged the alleged thief who had been stripped, to the lawn in front of Block A. To everyone’s dismay, two men in military uniform just came in and started beating the alleged thief.
They didn’t stop there. According to our eyewitness, “Soldiers we thought were going to help us or something, started slapping anyone and everyone around.”
He continued that they instructed everyone to not take pictures or videos of what was happening and went on to slap anyone they saw with a phone.
Take a look at the video here.
Credit – kuulpeeps.com


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