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Rockcee Travels & Recruitment Consult Ltd was founded in 2012 in response to a need for superior quality manpower service, delivered efficiently in Ghana. Today, we provide local/ international recruitment and consulting services.

We provide a full range of manpower sourcing/ Placement into employer’s satisfaction, facility-support and consulting services into public and private industry as well as governmental entities in Ghana and international (Local and Overseas). Rockcee Travels & Recruitment Consult Ltd is managed by a team of professionals with unsurpassed and experience.

These professionals provide expertise and innovations necessary to satisfy even the most sophisticated clients’ needs while implementing managerial strategies that lower the client costs. Rockcee Travels & Recruitment Consult Ltd is at the forefront of recruitment consult programs that attend to customers’ needs across geographic regions.

Dedicated to uphold the principles of integrity, quality services, creativity, and professionalism for our client, our staff and community.

Providing services beyond client and industry expectations. To provide manpower employment services which benefits both employer and employee, to achieve their respective goals. To provide innovative, customer friendly and competitive services through a technological, highly motivated staff and efficient workforce with commitment to excellent customer service We see ourselves as being premier global human resource and staffing solution provider. We have created a platform business model where candidates can be sourced and placed wherever the employee-employer match is found worldwide.

Rockcee Travels & Recruitment Consult Ltd service ranges from consultation and manpower recruitment services to the design, permanent staffing and administration of complex, classified programs at domestic and overseas location. We also provide administrative support for security related client activities. We adopt distinctive approach as well as complete integrate and security measures into the client environment so that service maintain the “look” and “feel” of the client organization while ensuring operational integrity.

Recruitment, Outsourcing, Training & Development, Local & Ex-pat Management, Business Community Solution (BCS), Business Strategy, Business Development, Audit.

For each client, Rockcee Travels & Recruitment Consult Ltd assigns a single management team which has autonomous decision-making authority and which control all personnel and financial resources necessary to ensure the success of the effort: Responsible to designated authorities from the client organization.


Rockcee Travels & Recruitment Consult Ltd is a Ghanaian Corporation established and incorporated in 2013. Approximately 60% of our services are provided to foreign agency and 40% to public utilities. Rockcee Travels & Recruitment Consult Ltd is fully licensed and registered to operate.

Rockcee Travels & Recruitment Consult Ltd solid and stable financial base enable the provision of the highest quality services to all of its client. The company maintains its financial stability through as philosophy of strict and conservative fiscal policy with virtually on long-term or Short-term dept. other than accrued pay risks and taxes. Our financial strength enables the company acquire business insurance at extraordinary high levels with at related insurances careers.

Rockcee Travels & Recruitment Consult Ltd Contact Details

Location – Kasoa – CP

Email – [email protected]

Tel – +233 (0)30 3968973

+233 (0)30 2947304

+233 (0)505 537901

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