Retired military personnel miscalculated entitlements – CDS

By | March 25, 2024

General News of Monday, 16 May 2016



Air Vice Marshal Michael Samson Oje CDS Air Marshall Samson Oje

The Chief of Defence Staff, Air Marshall Samson Oje has challenged what he says is the miscalculation of entitlements by some aggrieved retired military personnel who have sued both the Ghana Armed Forces and government over their gratuities.


Some 225 ex-servicemen have sued the CDS over what they say is an underpayment of their gratuities contrary to what the government approved.

The ex-servicemen who were recruited between 1988 and 1989 had served the country well over 25 years before they commenced their terminal leave in December 2014.

They are seeking a declaration that deductions made by the CDS on their end-of-service benefits were unlawful.

Addressing a Press Conference in Accra, Air Marshall Samson Oje insists the appropriate and standard formula was used in calculating their entitlements, denying claims that they’ve been underpaid.

According to him, he believes at the end of the day, the ruling will tilt in their favour.

“The issue is simple but difficult to understand. The same formula we used in the civil, is the same used in the military. The matter is in court and we are very sure we’ll win the day and I believe most of them know that they miscalculated what they were due.”


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