Rain in Accra; blessing or curse?

By | June 10, 2016

For some time now in Accra, residents are worried and are in dilemma whether to see rains in Accra as a blessing or a curse.
It is aptly said that you cannot prevent a natural phenomenon from occurring, but you can prevent yourself from the devastating effects of these natural phenomena. Natural occurrences like rain, thunder and lightning, storm among others are bound to happen, so these things are they meant for our good or bad?
Especially with rainfall in Ghana’s capital Accra, the fundamental question that people ask is whether rainfall should be seen as a blessing or a curse. Anytime there is a heavy down pour of rain in Accra, so many casualties are recorded. Several thousands of properties are destroyed, and on top of it all, precious human lives are lost.
These mis-happenings have left several persons including myself in a dilemma, wondering whether rains in Accra should be considered a curse.
If this should be a curse, then I am quick to point out that our state and its institutions have cursed us as a result of their sheer laziness and negligence. Just barely a year ago, this capital recorded huge rainfall which caused a lot of human lives, about 200 people perished in a very worrying situation, these people were gutted with flood and fire.
And as it stands now, no serious measures have been put in place to prevent the re-occurrence of such misfortune.
So just yesterday, a serious rain had left a lot people in Accra in serious panic. This rain has also led to lost of lives and properties,.
So the point is what are we doing as a country to prevent this misfortune from happening again, the probability is that more rains would be recorded in this period.
It remains undoubted that rains are meant for good, taking into account the numerous advantages that come with rain. But when we fail to plan well for this natural happenings, we would continue to gnash our teeth, and brace up for more turbulence.
Let us arise and build Ghana, we are all involved!!


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