There’s No Protocol Admission Anywhere, Write NovDec If Your Grades Are Not Good

There’s No Protocol Admission Anywhere, Write NovDec If Your Grades Are Not Good


Tertiary admission process has begun and as usual, prospective students are all over the internet scouting for information on ways to apply and the requirements needed to gain admission into some of the country’s most prestigious universities.
I’m I.B Bansah, an education consultant and have been following admission application over the past 7 years in Ghana. In my quest to serve my audience with the best and well-researched information on tertiary education, I’ve established and run which has developed into the number one education website in Ghana.
Today, I want to share with you details on the application process and why you must write NovDec to better your chances instead of looking for protocol admission into tertiary institutions in the country.
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I receive calls from students daily looking for protocol admission into tertiary admission in Ghana, mostly students that have become so vulnerable and socialized into believing that the only way to gain admission is by paying someone bribe to help them get admission into these schools.
This philosophy is probably coiled from the wrong notion that tries to project that a person cannot pass all his NovDec papers since the supervising institution needs you to fail in order to make more money from you.
Well, I’ve written NovDec even before my main WASSCE examination and I’m very proud to say I’ve passed all my papers with flying colours which made me shit on the useless notion that you can’t pass all your novdec papers at once.
Same as my tertiary admission. I told myself that I will like to attend University of Ghana Legon and from the very first day I applied, I started buying my things for school because I knew Legon can’t reject me for my grades are too good to be rejected at that point.
All I’m trying to say is that no tertiary institution will reject you if you’ve passed your papers and have met their requirements. Maybe you may not get the program you wanted but in most cases, that is probably your fault.


Check the Admission Requirements

To apply to any tertiary institution in Ghana, first of all, take your time to check the general admission requirement of the institution you want to apply to. Secondly, you need to check the admission requirements of the specific course or program you want to apply to.
Generally, you need at least C6 in three core subjects including Core Math and English as well as at least C6 three relevant elective subjects in order to qualify. You can have A1 in all subjects and D7 in Core Math or English and still not get admission. Core Math and English are compulsory subjects and no matter how good your other grades are, a failed grade in any of these subjects will deny you entry into tertiary institutions in Ghana. The elective subjects must also be relevant to the program you are applying for. You can’t use business electives to apply for science programs. You will not get.

Meet the cutoff point of the program

After meeting the general cut off point of admission which is at least C6 in 3 core subjects and 3 elective subjects, applicants are expected to meet the cut off points of the specific programs they are applying for. The cutoff point is basically the most important factor of application. You may meet the requirement of application but if you’ve not met the cutoff point, you won’t be able to gain admission. Even though cut off points are mostly for guidance purposes only, applicants are advised to make sure they have met the cut off point of the program they are applying for.

Select the right courses

After meeting the admission requirements, the next thing to do is to select the right programs. This is where the cutoff point comes to play, you must make sure that your total aggregate aligns with the cut off point of the program you are selecting. Some individual programs require specific grades in some subjects. For instance, even though C6 is a pass grade, you can’t get grade C6 in Mathematic and elective Math and be applying for BSC Mathematics. You won’t get!!!


Apply to the right institutions

We all want to attend the best institutions in the country but sometimes it’s better to settle for the lesser-known ones since their requirements are lower than the Ivy League institutions in the country. University of Ghana may not admit you with your current aggregate, but those same grades may be able to get you the same program in University of Education Winneba.
Korle Nursing training college may not give you admission but Tamale nursing training college may admit you with your current grade.

D7 is not a pass grade

Well, it’s sad but true, D7 is not a pass grade. Getting a D7 in a subject more especially a compulsory core subject may deny you admission no matter how wonderful your other grades are. If you fail or get a D7 in a subject like English or Math, forget about getting admission to any tertiary school in Ghana.

There is no protocol anywhere, Write NovDec to better your chances

I have people contacting me now and then to seek assistance in order to enter into a tertiary school or offer a program of their choice. I want to repeat here that there is no protocol anywhere. More especially if your grades are bad. There may be exceptions where you have good grades but unable to meet the cut off point of the program you want to offer, someone MAY be able to pull some strings and get you admitted into that program. But in a situation where you haven’t even met the general admission cut off point, you may have all the money in this world but even if you manage to get admission into the school illegally, you may be dismissed before you graduate.

Finally, give a chance to the distance option of getting a degree

Most universities have lower requirements for their distance programs. If your grades are not very good, you should consider getting into the university using the distance option. University of Ghana, for instance, has a city campus also where the admission requirements are more relaxed and flexible. The cutoff point for Political science on the UG City Campus is 24 while the same program cut off point on the main campus is 12.
Finally, you can contact me for results analysis and any other enquiries regarding tertiary education in Ghana. As I said earlier, I’ve been following tertiary education in Ghana for the past 7 years and have learn religiously all the relevant details on every single tertiary school in Ghana. Don’t forget payment is required should you need my services.


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