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Procedures for 2020 NSS registration after checking your posting

Procedures for 2020 NSS registration after checking your posting

Procedures for 2020 NSS registration after checking your posting; Another national service year will commence on the 1st of September. All is set for over 80000 service personnel to be posted to the various public and private organizations to serve the nation.

One major impediment to the smooth registration by service personnel is knowing exactly when to register, where to register, the registration procedures and the document needed for registration.

I will try as much as possible to cover all these topics in the simplest possible language for the understanding of all national potential service personnel.
I presume you already have your place of posting and downloaded your appointment letter. The truth be told, it is very difficult to change your place of posting since it will take a whole lot of ups and downs to get it changed.

That’s even if you are lucky enough to get it changed. But this is Ghana.
First of all, you need to make three copies of both your place of posting and your appointment letter. The place of posting is that interface that appears when you check your posting online. It contains your name, institution attended, your place of posting, and a few other information. Your appointment letter on the other hand spells out the details of your engagement and the allowance to be paid to you monthly.

Get your ID cards ready. Your ID cards would be needed to complete the registration process. Make sure you have a photocopy of your Student’s ID card as well as any national ID card on you as you go through the process. You may need about 3 copies of a passport picture. It is advisable to get some ready.

The registration starts from the regional office of your place of posting. Move to the National service regional office of the region you were posted to in order to start the registration process. The regional office is mostly located at the regional capital of the region.
After an endorsement and verification of your appointment letter, you would be required to take the posting and appointment letter to your user agency. The user agency is the organization in which you are posted to.

An endorsed copy of your place of posting by your user agency must be taken to the district national service office for onward process. Please take note that, a release letter must be taken from the user agency to the NSS regional office in case your posting is rejected by the user agency for reposting.
The process after the release of the NSS posting is a very hectic one so it pays to have all the necessary documents ready before the start of the process.
You would be required to present a monthly assessment form which would be signed by your supervisor before receiving your monthly allowance. Don’t forget to carry along a photocopy of your ezwich card during the registration process.

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