Navrongo Nurses Training College


Navrongo Nurses Training College is an internationally recognized Tertiary institution and Centre of Excellence in Teaching, Training, Research, and Service in all fields of health care delivery

A. Basic Programmes

1. Registered General nurse (RGN) Diploma
2. Registered Mental Nurse (RMN) Diploma
3. Registered Midwifery (RM) Diploma (females only)
4. Registered Community Health Nurse (RCHN) Diploma
5. Technical Officer Community Health, (Nutrition option) Diploma
6. Technical Officer Community Health, (Disease control) Diploma
7. Technical Officer Health Information, Diploma
8. Technical Officer Medical Laboratory Technology, Diploma
9. Technical Officer Environmental Health, Diploma
10. Technical Officer Oral Health, Diploma
11. Diploma in Community Medicine (Medical Assistants ) Diploma
12. Certificate in Community Health Nursing, (CHN)
13. Certificate in Environmental Health (Environmental Health Assistants)
14. Certificate in Community Health ( Field Technicians)
15. Certificate in Clinical Health Care (Health Assistants Clinical)
16. Certificate in Clinical Health Care (Reproductive Health Option) females only
17. Physiotherapy (Certificate)
18. Certificate in Medical Laboratory


B. Post – Basic Programmes

1. Diploma in Community Medicine (Medical Assistants)
2. Ophthalmic Nursing
3. Peri-Operative Nursing
4. ENT Nursing
5. Public Health Nursing
6. Critical care Nursing
7. Nurse Anesthesiology
8. Community Oral Health

B Certificate Programmes

I. Certificate in Community Health Nursing (CHN)
II. Certificate in Environmental Health (Environmental Health Assistants)
III. Certificate in Community Health (Field Technicians)
IV. Certificate in Clinical Health Care (Health Assistants)

  • Purchase a voucher for 200GH from GCB or ADB
  • Visit ‘’
  • Click on apply located on top of this page
  • Enter serial and pin found on the voucher
  • Fill the form with your details
  • Attach certificate/s and photo
  • Submit and print out application summary
  • Regularly check your application status with pin and serial.

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