National Service Scheme Assessment Form


National Service Scheme Assessment Form, the NSS assessment form is basically a duty report document where your supervisor notes down your punctuality and attitude towards your work and gives remarks on whether you are fit and certified for the task assigned. It also contains identification details for you and your supervisor such as name, phone number, email address, NSS number, institution attended as well as the immediate supervisor’s rank and the name of the organization he represents.
The NSS documents are usually in three main categories; monthly assessment, after-the-end-of-service and the rules and regulation guide. The NSS monthly assessment form should be renewed and signed after every four weeks in a specified time frame, while the end of service form is only applicable once you are done with your assigned task.
The National Service Scheme is a program that was established way back in 1973 by the government of Ghana through the Ministry of Education with its National Secretariat in the capital city Accra and offices distributed in various designated regions and districts all over the country. Its main aim was to sharpen the skills of freshly graduated post students from the tertiary institutions through practical national work which was to be used for the development and improvement of both the public and private economic sectors of Ghana.
Even though it was initially intended for every citizen above eighteen years of age to participate in the program, it, later on, narrowed to the tertiary institution graduates who are not less than eighteen years of age and became mandatory for every postgraduate student to take part in it.
Steps for an NSS assessment form download
The procedure of getting the kind of form you need, whether it is the NSS end of service assessment form or the monthly duty report, is not that challenging, now that internet access is swift across many parts of the country. There are simple procedures, fortunately, that you are required to adhere to, before getting the kind of form you need;

  1. You are required to visit the National Service Scheme through this link;
  2. Once on the Home page, browse through the navigation options which are on top of the screen to the ‘Download’ option and click on it.
  3. Once on the ‘download’ page, there are four different optional documents that you can be able to download; The ‘steps to your mandatory service’ document, the NSS monthly assessment form, the enrollment form and the NSS end of year assessment form.
  4. Click on your preferable form and the download process would start immediately provided there is network coverage.
  5. Alternatively, when seeking the NSS assessment form 2018 you can as well go directly go through this link; and the form will pop up on your screen ready for download.

Nonetheless, just like the monthly report document, the NSS annual assessment form 2018 should also be completed and submitted at the District office of the Ghana National Service Scheme, within a specified duration or there would be consequences. Additionally, all the form should also be stamped and signed by the supervisor or else it would be rendered invalid.


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