Nandom Midwifery Training College 2020/2021 Interview Date


Here is the Nandom Midwifery Training College 2020/2021 Interview Date And the documents needed at the interview. The dates and schedule stated are the official dates as stated by the Ministry of Health. The specific day and time for the interview would be communicated to the applicant through a text message or an email.

Nandom Midwifery Training College 2020/2021 Interview Date

  1. The Nursing Training College interview date for the 2020/2021 admission is scheduled for Monday, June 1 2020 to  Thursday, June 30, 2020.
  2. The exact However, the Nursing Training College interview date for the 2020/2021 admission may differ depending on the Nursing Training College you applied to but it will still be conducted within the stipulated Monday, June 1 2020 to  Thursday, June 30, 2020.
  3. You will be alerted by a text message containing the specific date for the interview, a week to the interview date.
  4. After the interview, the interview will be published on the online admission portal and on the notice board of the respective nursing training colleges.

Things You Need To Carry To Nandom Midwifery Training College Interview

The following are the list of items you need to carry when going for the Nursing Training College Interview. Each of these items is very important and must be packed way in advance in order not to forget them.

Proof of Application

Applicants must make sure they download and printout their proof of application and carry it to the nursing training interview. This will show that you truly applied to the said nursing training institution.

Photocopy of result slip

The applicant must carry along the photocopy of the results slip used in the application. In the event where an applicant combined two different results, the two must be carried along.


Passport Pictures

Each applicant must carry along two passport size pictures per result used. If an applicant combined two results in the application, the said applicant must carry four passport photos. Two for each result slip.

Proof of Interview Invite

This may sound weird but you have to show proof that you have actually received a text message inviting you to the interview. Carry along the phone that the text was sent to and show the message on request.

Birth Certificate

All applicants are expected to come along with their birth certificates. Most nurses training colleges will however give you the chance to provide it within 30 days upon getting admission if you do not have it immediately.

Interview Fee

Last but not least, applicants would be expected to pay an interview fee upon arrival. The interview fee is expected to be Ghc100 as has been the norm over the years unless there are any recent changes. The nurses training college will however communicate the exact amount in the text message to the applicant.

Important Dates For 2020/2021 Nursing Colleges Academic year


  • Purchase a voucher for 100Gh from GCB or ADB
  • Visit ‘’
  • Click on apply located on top of this page
  • Enter serial and pin found on voucher
  • Fill form with your details
  • Attach certificate/s and photo
  • Submit and print-out application summary
  • Check your application with pin and serial.


  • Confirm invitation and attend the interview
  • Check interview result
  • Check and print out the offer letter
  • Confirm Admission Fee
  • Pay at the designated bank
  • Report to collage


  • Report to school on time
  • Attend classes
  • Take part in quizzes and exams
  • Pass your clinicals
  • Pass final exams

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