My Mum My Everything! The Story Of The Prodigal Kid

By | May 8, 2016

Yes I am the last born but not the mummy’s boy type. Lets just say I was the dady’s little boy. The fullstop was put after me and my dad gave me the name Boafo, saying he has finally found his helper. My dad was everything to me and the commands of my mum were taken with a pinch of salt. Knowing very well that my dad will always jump to my defense anytime I offend, I became my own boss never to respect my mum nor my elder siblings.
Unfortunately or fortunately for me my dad died when I was in class 6. Writing my third term examination, my dad got severely ill and was hospitalized. I came back from school one afternoon only to be met by a crowd gathered in our house with my mum and most of my immediate relatives crying on top of their voice. There and then I knew I lost everything. So sad and devastated was I. I lost the most precious thing in my life. Yes I was really the dady’s boy then, his monthly salary is mostly kept under my pillow since he will hand part of it over to me the moment he’s back from the bank to keep for him and of course some goodies of my own. He is so predictable, he will come home with fresh fish and bread anytime he visits the bank. As they always say, the ways of the Lord are not the ways of man.
I was taken to the best junior high school when school reopened. Dora memory school in the volta regional capital. The village champion is to start a new phase of his academic life without his dady to give him extra coins when he’s going to school and check his homework when he’s done, without a dad to keep his salary with him from which he can buy the balls and continue to be the big boy among his friends.
To cut the long story short, my relationship with my mum never get better when I was in junior high school. Don’t get me wrong, my mum was so lovely and amazing though I always refuse to take her instructions and in some cases throw harsh words back at her, she kept lovely me and always there to come to my aid when need be. I overheard her praying for me severally but that was her business.
I wrote my BECE and passed flying colours as expected. My senior high school was the best thing that happened to me then. Not just because it brought me straight into the university but because it created the avenue where I met some wonderful people. Godwin or XL as he was affectionately called changed my life without knowing. He’s my friend, a typical mummy’s boy who’s always sharing wonderful memories about his mum and the mum coming over every two weeks to visit. I got jealous but for the right reasons and made a vow to reconstruct the stinking relationship between my mum and I. The vacation after my second term in the senior high school was a testimony my mum will always give.
Total transformation in everything I do. I changed from the guy that will never do anything in the house even when asked to, to the guy that will wake up very early and sweep the whole compound before the sun sets. The young guy who’s always never found in the house to the one always home chatting with the mum and siblings and offering help when needed. In short the relationship between me and my mum got extremely transformed.
We became so good to the extend that we sometimes run round the house when I snatch a biscuit or something she’s eating from her or when she’s eating something I want to take from her and she’s not willing to give. My mum became my helper, my pillar, my lawyer, my cook, my advisor, my mentor, infact my everything. So why this long story? One may ask.
I got into some mess in the last week, I lost about Ghc 900 within three three days. I got broken down, no one to tell my story, I can’t call my brother because he won’t understand me. I can’t call my elder sister because she will ask too many questions. My sister Seraphine is not particularly in the right financial standing so I can’t disturb her either.
I finally made a call to my mum as the last resort. Yes! As the last resort. I’m her last born so you can imagine how old she is. She’s not working no more and she’s not having money so I don’t disturb her with my financial issues. She was so understanding and made it clear to me that she’s not having money. But to my surprise, I had a text message in an hour and guess what, she sent me GHc 350. I cried when I received the text. Tears flowed down my eyes like rain pouring from the sky.
I couldn’t believe it, she gathered her little money gifts in additional to her money for medical expenses just to save a son in school. Yes, I’m sure because that’s what she normally does when I’m in trouble. Casting my mum back to how nasty and troublesome I was toward her when I was a kid, I cried correct tear, tears of regret and I felt her love even deeper within.
I promised her that I will be taking her to south Africa for her medical check ups when I get money and she has just given me yet another reason to work harder and get money quickly. No matter how bad we behave towards our mums, they are always there in times of need. Your dad, siblings and friends may neglect you but your mum who carried you in the womb for nine months will never no matter the situation give up on you.
My mum my everything. I promise to continue being the good son I want to be. I love my mum and will always love and respect her and I advise you do same. My mum my everything. Before you think this is some fictional story, it is a true story of the life of the writer Israel Boafo Bansah and the mum Otoo Bertha Gladys. I love you mum. Yes I do! !


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