Law Concerning Abortions in Ghana


Abortions in Ghana

A person who causes an abortion by any means (including a female who permits it to be done to her) commits an offence and (if convicted) may be jailed for up to 5 years.
Some abortions are permitted if done by a registered OB/GYN in an approved medical centre.
Permitted abortions may be carried out in cases where a pregnancy has resulted from rape, incest, or sexual intercourse of a female without full mental capacity.
Permitted abortions may also be carried out in cases where to allow the pregnancy to continue may lead to the death of the pregnant woman, or may cause her some serious physical or mental injury.
Further, permitted abortions may be carried out where there is a substantial risk of congenital or later physical abnormality or disease to the child.
In all cases of permitted abortion, the prior consent of the pregnant woman is required. If she lacks the capacity to give such consent, then it would be required from the person who is responsible for her well-being.


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