It’s been confirmed lately that two of the most influential SRC ‘2017 Presidential aspirants; Kumi Ababio and Emmanuel Boadi decided to amalgamate their campaigns and proceed to the polls as President and running mate respectively.
The decision has erupted excitement amongst both parties on campus with they referring comically to the merger as the KB movement; a formidable partnership that they anticipate to guarantee victory during the rapidly approaching elections.
This, naturally proves ominous to other presidential hopefuls particularly because before the merger, KUMI and BOADI each gathered an impressively large following. KUMI has dazzled the diaspora community, BOADI, equally with the business school, Commonwealth (or major fragments of it) and unarguably; the first years.  Staying in behind with the level hundreds during their exams, Boadi endeared himself to them and is tipped to receive the lion’s share of their votes.
Merging campaigns have outstood the BOADI and KUMI teams as psycho-conscious political strategists.
They have two sets of managers, well-thought through tactics and an imposing following, diversified ideologies, and a boldness that could be the reason the election goes their way.
What this means for your presidential candidate is that after the elections, he MAY well enter the Union building but as an SRC committee member hopeful…and yet it will pay to wait to unravel the tricks up the sleeves of other candidates before we jump to sudden unwarranted conclusions.


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