Imperial General Assurance Company

By | May 5, 2021

Imperial General Assurance is a leading general business insurance company determined to change positively how the value of insurance is appreciated in Ghana.

With the help of our people and technology, we will ensure we do not break your heart when you need us most because our primary objective is to deliver exceptional service to you, our customer. We are here to reduce anxiety and cater to your needs.


Imperial General Assurance Company Products


  • Imperial General Assurance provides the minimum legally mandated third-party insurance cover, but recommends where possible clients look at taking a higher level Comprehensive
  • Insurance cover. By doing so, should a client be involved in an accident, the protection is extended to protect your own vehicle’s loss as well as covered for third party liability.


  • Our Fire policy covers damage or destruction to your building or contents as a result of fire, lightning and explosion.
  • In addition, our Commercial fire insurance can cover a wide range of commercial properties and risks including but not limited to offices, shopping malls, industrial units, warehouses and factories.


  • Imperial General Assurance offers a wide range of accident policies and this includes Group Personal Accident, Workmen’s Compensation, Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, Goods in transit and Bankers Blanket indemnity.


  • Imperial General Assurance offers a range of Engineering Insurance solutions for contract works, risk related with erection of plants and equipment’s, contractors’ plants and machinery and contractors third party liability.


  • If your business involves the transportation of cargo, then you’ll be subjected to a number of risks that are out of your control. Bad weather, breakdowns, strikes and other events during transportation can seriously impact your bottom line.


  • Imperial General Assurance offers a range of bonds such as Bid Bond, Performance Bond, Advance payment bond and Custom bond.

Imperial General Assurance Company Contact Details

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We work Mondays to Fridays, Please contact us for any inquiry.

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