History’s La Reverte

by Israel Boafo Bansah

Bull fighting had been a male tradition for several years in Spain, much like how grilling barbecue is a male tradition in Texas and needless to say, in Christian dominated regions such as Spain, tradition rarely dies down. Mario Salome at age 20 diligently shattered that culture, becoming the very first female bull fighter in Spain and yet still rallying a majority of the Spanish denizens; both male and female to be on her side. This was in 1900. Over the next couple of years, Salome will raise a stupendous and incredibly sized fandom and encounter great acclaim for her virility.
This was of course until the Spanish government had had enough and decided to lawyer up and outlaw the practice of female bull fighting. The Spanish government thinking they were reducing the female populace to the kitchen, where they belonged was in for a surprise.  Salome desperately wanting to make history by being unreasonable, one time at a concert in Public, pulled off her wig, advertently exposing and announcing to the world that she was actually a man wearing women’s garbs. Augustine Rodriguez aka La Reverte was his real name. Unfortunately the announcement backfired. Every iota of love the Spaniards showed him before become a deep and unsettling animosity.  Instead of continuing as a popular bull fighter, the Spaniards riled him for lying to them for years eventually ending his career and evicting him to the slums. I guess her wig was not the only thing she pulled down, her reputation went along with it. But looking on the bright side, she did succeed in being unreasonable and joining the long queue of Spanish history’s most disliked.

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