Last Saturday was in one word; golden as a number of SRC and local NUGS Presidents assembled to elect new limbs in the National Union of Ghana Students who can help change the fortunes of the union. At this said gathering held at Kings University College, arresting the trust of the most influential Ghanaian student leaders was an essential variable in determining whether Gilles really was going to be the man to take NUGS red.
Gilles Ametepe filled his candidacy unopposed to assume the office of the Chair of Press and Information of the NUGS-Greater Accra. It was with great ecstasy that the 49 electorates cast their vote of confidence for Gilles believing that their endorsement was all the green light Gilles needed in order to begin a revolutionary sway to cleanse good old NUGS. Not a single one amongst them believed otherwise.
At the end of the day, Gilles became the only candidate, unopposed or otherwise who did not receive a NO vote. This unanimous victory at NUGS speaks much into the credibility of a candidate and Gilles Ametepe has shown without reasonable doubt; he is most suitable for the office.
It is official then, Gilles is taking NUGS red.


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