GIJ Management, SRC cools it off at Peduase Resort


“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

To avoid ‘Jack from becoming a dull boy’,  the Management and the Students Representative Council of the Ghana Institute of Journalism, early this month visited the Peduase Valley Resort in Aburi de-stress ahead of the commencement of the 2018/2019 academic year which commences in September.
This is perhaps, the first time in recent years since Management and the SRC is partaking in a retreat.
In an interaction with the media, the Acting Rector of the premier communication school, Dr. Modestus Fosu said that the 2017/2018 was hectic and he and his team worked hard to ensure that it went well, thus, it was in order for them to organize the health walk.

“We’ve worked very hard in the past two semesters and so it is in order for us to come here, work out and have a sound  body, a sound mind to freshens us and re-energize us for the work ahead” – he said.


According to Dr. Fosu, further added that the retreat was necessary to establish a healthy and cordial relationship between management and the students.
Furthermore, Dr. Modestus Fosu revealed that the school’s management is planning to develop and run new programs as well as improve on its infrastructural development to create a more conducive area for teaching and learning.

“We are planning to develop and run a number of courses beyond what we’ve been doing for the past number of years, we are planning massive infrastructural development. We are planning a lot of things [that] we’ll do for student experience.” he said

The Ghana Institute of Journalism is Ghana’s foremost communication specialized school.
The school, which received a charter to become a fully fledged university in 2009,will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2019.
It is currently located at Ridge near the Accra International Press Centre.


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