Ghana’s constitution is like a ‘toilet paper’- Lawyer Adofo


Politics of Saturday, 21 May 2016



LAWYER ADOFOLegal Practitioner, Lawyer Kwame Adofo

A Private Legal Practitioner, Lawyer Kwame Adofo has described the constitution of Ghana as not worthy of a ‘toilet paper’.

He wonders why the constitution which does not serve it purpose still binds all citizenry.

Juxtaposing the constitution of Ghana to a toilet tissue, he suggested that the constitution be thrown into a dust bin to make way for a new one.


According to him, citizens have become lawless, saying laws do not work in the country as the constitution has lost its relevance.

He fumed that the country has a bad constitution, calling on Parliament to amend the constitution.

‘Unless the constitution of the country is amended, citizens will continue to be in hardship,’ he said.

Speaking on Ultimate breakfast show hosted by Lantam Papanko, he called on intelligent men and women in the country to draft a new constitution.

‘See this is how ridiculous the whole country has become, we have laws that do not work, we have laws that do not make sense, and yet we are compelled to have those laws there, we have more than adequate laws, but some of them are useless laws, we don’t even need them, for example the constitution is the number one useless document we have in this country, we have to throw that constitution in a bin, and get wise men and women who have brains together in a room, get them to brainstorm and draft a constitution that will work, because the one that we have is not worthy even of a toilet paper, but that is why we are here, toilet paper is even better than that one,… one person can appoint 45,000 people, why’ he fumed.

He believed its wrong for the Electoral Commission (EC) to revoke licenses of political parties in the country who are unable to show proof of having branches in all the regions.

‘We cannot close the doors of democracy,’ a livid Kwame said.


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