By | March 3, 2017

Sketchily, disability is as most people would describe it; a state of the body.  More figuratively though, disability is a state of the mind. The word ‘disability’ isn’t apt enough to tally with its negative social connotations as technically, as imperfect human beings, we are all defective.
Some pieces of our speech patterns, opinions and outlooks, our body language, mannerism, our overly or under skillfulness will always be a deviation from some societal convention, norm or value.
Consequentially then, we are all disabled. It is therefore hypocritical to reserve the term ‘disabled’ for the physically challenged alone, neglecting the socially and emotionally incapacitated, the prideful, lazy, and the foul-mouthed, the hateful etc all of whom clearly are unable to do certain things accurately.
GERALD DAAKYEHENE ARHIN is unquestionably one of the most audacious SRC office aspirants yet. Visually impaired, Gerald wants to prove that his disability is his ‘para-bility’. Gerald wants to be a model Franklin Roosevelt of the University of Ghana. Being elected as President of America in November 1932 to serve the first of four terms whilst he was in a wheelchair, Daakyehene feels confident that his story isn’t so different.
The foresight needed by great leaders to run nations and societies isn’t the product of the impeccable state of their eyeballs. Great leaders are the ones who make their wisest decision in the dark; with the eyes of their heart and the heart of their minds.
Gerald has the biggest heart and a brain that just won’t quit. I am beyond doubt that,  Daakyehene might just surprise the UG populace not with his victory in the impending elections but with his governance in the aftermath.


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