Former CommonWealth Resident Drags University of Ghana To Court. The Insider Story And More Here

By | March 14, 2018

A disgruntled former University of Ghana student has dragged the Institution to the High Court over the school’s reluctance to graduate him over disciplinary issues.

The plaintiff, Mr Collins Owusu Sekyere who was a former resident of the Commonwealth Hall has dragged the University of Ghana to court over refusal of the institution to graduate him despite completing the institution about some two years ago.
A writ of summons from the High Court of justice was sent to the educational institution which is yet to file a respond according to our source.



On the 10th March 2016, the Commonwealth Hall of University of Ghana served a notice to the University community that some students of the Commonwealth Hall have been expelled from the hall.

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Commonwealth hall expels six residents

                                    The Dismissal Letter Signed By The Hall Master

They were expelled from their halls of residence on the grounds of organizing a procession on campus illegally, in which they allegedly vandalized some properties of the Hilla Limann Hall.
According to sources close to Mr. Collins Owusu Sekyere who is the current plaintiff in the case against the University, he Collins was not part of the said procession and he was not even invited to tell his side of the story at the supposed meeting where they were expelled from the Hall.
According to our sources, all efforts made by Mr. Collins to bring the university and the Hall authorities to the fact that as at the time of the procession He Collins was at another meeting where records of attendance was taken and he had later on gone to the Legon Hospital to seek medical treatment since he wasn’t feeling too well on the said date proved fruitless.  The Hall authorities however allegedly asked Mr. Collins to head to Court if he is not satisfied with their decision to expel him from the Hall.
From Our Sources, the University on the 4th November 2016 constituted a disciplinary committee to look into the matter and the six expelled students were called to appear before the committee.
The final decision from the disciplinary committee is however not known to the accused students till date.
It should however be noted that a day before the alleged procession that led to the six students getting expelled from the Commonwealth Hall, the Management of the University of Ghana had informed the organizers not to proceed with their planned activities. The activities however went on as planned despite the message from the University authorities.
According to sources, the six accused students later pleaded with the University and had written an apology letter to the commonwealth Hall as well as the Hilla Limann Hall.
But two years after completing the premier University, Mr. Collins and the five other students are unable to graduate from the University.
Mr. Collins has therefore taken the University on a legal ride, demanding that he be treated fairly by the University.

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