Dress Code: No miniskirts and shorts allowed – Rector of GIJ

by Israel Boafo Bansah

The Rector of GIJ Dr Dzisah said this management took the decision to punish students for indecent dressing since it sways most students from their main focus.

The Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) has warned that the school will no longer tolerate indecent dressing among students of the institution.

This was revealed by the Rector of GIJ Dr Wilberforce Dzisah when the school held its matriculation for fresh students of the 2016/2017 academic year today (Friday).

Addressing the students and others gathered at the event, Dr Dzisah lamented the increase in the poor dress code of GIJ students to school.

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“Management has raised concerns about an increase in the indecent dressing by students. Management has therefore decided on the following and this should not only go to freshmen and women but for the continuing students as well. No shorts or miniskirts are to be worn for lectures. Clothes which expose your vital parts shall not be entertained,” he warned.

“Management will apply sanctions with regards to any violations of these directives,” he threatened.

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Dr Dzisah said management has taken this decision because such indecent and provocative dressings sway the students from their main focus for coming to the school.

“Life at the university can be intellectually and socially engaging and exciting. However, one can easily lose focus and strain into fruitless and unproductive ventures. Your primary aim here is to strive to successfully complete your prescribed academic programme,” he said.

He said in the near future the students who dress poorly would be taking up leadership roles and would have to be groomed for that.

“When you’re advocating on morality in the future, that is when people would show you pictures of what you did in school,” he said.

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