Doxa Open University – Abro Media Campus (Abro Media Institute Accra)

By | April 7, 2021

Doxa Open University (Doxa OU) is a fully fledged Multimedia Technology & Communication University. A total practical hands-on training institution with interactive theory practice disciplines.

Doxa OU upholds the acronym “C.O.M.E” (Cradle OMultimedia Excellence) and endeavour to train participants to champion the cause of deploying top notch multimedia practices in the global media space. Doxa OU was founded in 2005 and launched in 2007 with the aim of alleviating mediocrity media and build meritocracy media practices for all sectors of industry. 

One of the greatest challenges we face in Africa is unemployment. This is because most Universities in Africa offer programs only in the fields of Finance, Management, Administration, Law, Construction, Hospitality and Energy etc. As a result, graduates are channelled to these sectors that are already struggling to maintain employees and cannot absorb anymore. This in turn escalates existing issues of unemployment to intolerable level. 

Ignoring the development of multimedia technology institutions and industries is detrimental to economic development and employment. The solution demands a remarkable change in our education system and the change must be relevant to the times we live in. We live in times where technology evolves every three to six months announcing its presence with enormous job opportunities and creation.

How to Apply for Pre-graduate Programs

Doxa Open University adapts two forms of application processes. Online Application Process and On-Campus Application Process. Visit the website ( and click on forms then select online application. Please complete the required fields. Contact the administration for the on-campus forms and any assistance needed.

Doxa Open University – Abro Media Campus (Abro Media Institute Accra) Courses

Programmes Overview


At Doxa OU, we comply with four categories of program study Levels:

1. Pre-graduate Level
2. Associate Graduate Level
3. Undergraduate Level
4. Post-graduate Level

The Pre-graduate level covers all disciplines under remedial, proficiency and certificate levels. The Associate Graduate studies covers disciplines in Diploma and Advance Diploma or Higher National Diploma levels. The Undergraduate level covers all program disciplines under first and second Degree programs. The Post Graduate level covers programs of the first and second level Masters, Doctorate and special lifetime honour awards.

All programs offered at Doxa OU are accredited by the National Accreditation Board and renowned Universities across the globe. The programs are designed to be relevant to its market place. The special workshop and short courses are specifically designed to meet a specific need of an individual, group or company. University’s cutting edge Pre-graduate, Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs are widely accessible for students within the African continent and beyond. The programs are designed to apply practical hands on and interactive theory practice curriculum structure. Further, the programs will be available in two forms of study, namely TF (Traditional Forms) and NF (New Forms). The Traditional Form (TF) of study caters for FULL TIME (FT) and PARTIME (PT) studies whilst the New Form (NF) structure caters for short courses and special workshops mode of study. 

Doxa OU programs are designed with flexible intent to meet the busy schedules of the working class that desire to achieve academic and professional awards. Doxa OU has innovative and unique ways of delivering their programs called “duomix”. The duomix is the system of combining on-campus lectures with out-campus lectures to ensure that participants complete their course within the shortest possible time. This system allows the participant to study at their chosen place and pace. Customization and the ability to mix-match modules of programs for a relevant award is our speciality. The career development team guides participants to pick and choose from a pool of modules that are beneficial to their skill and field of study and also aid our students to achieve Degree and Masters Awards with job guarantees. 

Doxa OU Programs are available in virtual/video tutorials, audio tutorials and digital data learning. At Doxa OU, no class content is destroyed. Our state of the art learning infrastructure modifies all class contents as non-destructive contents and makes them available on all mobile devices for on-the-go learning. At Doxa OU, we install 10 faculties with a minimum of 2 schools per faculty. Doxa OU ensures that our selective programs will enhance your talent, interest and creative abilities. Most programs qualify for scholarship and sponsorship schemes and are designed to aid you to pursue your future dreams.

For details of programs please contact the program coordinator.


OFFICE: +233 (0) 302326186/ (0)302909486
MOBILE: +233 (0) 202 500 500


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