By | June 28, 2016

Prince Kissi, a student of the University of Ghana and whom many would remember as one of the promising SRC Presidential candidates to lockhorns with Esinam Afi Seade during last semester’s election period is alleged to have threatened to commit suicide.
The LegonConnect crew after profound scrutiny of the matter at hand discovered a rather disturbing and sentimental suicide note posted to the facebook online community. In this note, Prince seemed certain he had thought through with his idea of taking his life. He allegedly apportioned blame to his mother for being responsible for this decision and instructed her to confess to family members.
In his closing statements, Prince Kissi brought merit to his suicidal ideas; he petitioned the government of Ghana to rescind its decision to charge tertiary students with the utility bills. As he bade the Legon populace a farewell, he warned that nobody looks for him when he disappears.
What the real canvas behind the painting is and what good motives may have sparked forth this wrong method is still a mystery to the world. But until all the rumours are cleared, our prayers go with our astute brother and friend.
Follow the trend on social media. Join LegonConnect with the #LegonForKissi. Let’s do our part, lets support one of our own and perhaps some good may yet come from that.


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