Defeated Legon SRC Aspirant Threatens to Commit Suicide

By | April 26, 2018

One of the defeated aspirants in the first run of the University of Ghana SRC presidential election had threatened to commit suicide. The aspirant by name Derrick Schandorf in a series of whatsapp statuses made his intentions known and placed a time frame on his departure from this earth.
In one of such statuses, he made known how his mother was the only person on his mind but however took delight in the fact that his twin brother will bring his mother so much joy in his absences.

He acknowledged the fact that the media will splash out all sort of analysis and all the theories will be espoused but none can lift a mortified finger.

Here is where the countdown to his death begun. With the intention of not making it to see the 26th of April 2018.

Derrick Schandorf was expected by many to ‘bully’ his four other contestants in the presidential race since he appeared to have more experience regarding politics on the University of Ghana campus.
He actually deferred his course for one year in order to contest the prestigious office for the second time. However, his results after the election was so disappointing that many took to social media to troll him. Some described his results as lotto numbers whiles others asked him in a comic way whether he will deffer his course again for a second time. He managed to garner just a total of 317 (Percentage: 5.30%) votes out of the 5,891 valid votes cast.


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