The Czech Republic Tried To Make Insulting Its Drunk President Illegal

by Israel Boafo Bansah

Democracies have made everything easier; every natural human right a man is entitled to is guaranteed making life “hell” of a whole lot easier for the inhabitants of Czech Republic formerly well renowned for their prowess in the sport of soccer. Democracy has granted the liberty to speak out any and all hate words a man could carry for a political leader; unfortunately it hasn’t all been that simple
Lese-majeste laws in whichever country it may be in make it illegal to insult the head of a state. Such laws are popular most often in authoritarian governments with a few present in liberal democracies. Apparently, the Czech republican leaders didn’t get that memo. On November 16th; only last year’s derriere, 60 MPs tabled a motion to promulgate lese-majeste; making insulting the president a criminal offense
The reason why this is such a horrible idea is that their President, Milos Zeman is according to many the most insult-deserving president alive. According to Listverse Media House, he is a
“A raving drunk who likes to turn up at state functions sloshed and spew swearwords at bystanders”
Zeman is that one celebrity in any country at all who occupies such an enviable social position and yet his manners conflict with his people’s expectations. He has negligible approval ratings in the great country of Czech and has been booed and pelted with eggs on several occasion by the electorate who have vowed that He, Zeman was their greatest election mistake. Be rest assured that if the law is passed, only the mute Czech Republicans will not be incarcerated within the first month.

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