By | February 5, 2020

Tema based Coupons Technologies has launched its maiden platform, COUPONS.COM.GH (link:, a website that allows businesses to connect to their customers through e-coupons and discounts.

It is no secret, that customers all over the world are attracted to new shops and products that come with good prices, and coupons and discounts have been employed by many brands to boost sales and acquire new clients. The COUPONS.COM.GH platform is meant to enable business owners take advantage of this consumer behavior, and bring their promotional campaigns to the digital space through e-coupons.

The platform allows businesses to create free listings where they can upload pictures of their products and services, interior, menus, add contacts, location details and other useful information.

For shops and places running promotions, free e-coupons can be created which users can download and redeem. Businesses are urged to move their promotional campaigns online where more internet users are able to access them and take advantage of the free services on the COUPONS.COM.GH platform. Membership on the platform is free for both users and shop or business owners.

Currently, several popular places in and around Accra are signed up onto the platform, and they periodically publish coupons when they become available.


The website also allows users to leave reviews or rate places and businesses they have been to, like their pages or share them. This, the creators hope, will lead to consumers being able to make more informed decisions on which brands offer the best services in their business category; Food, Electronics, Beauty and cosmetics, Sports and Fitness, Healthcare and more.

CEO of the company, Christian Dziwornu, had this to say about the platform, “We’re very excited to bring to Ghanaians this great platform that we hope will revolutionize how businesses market their services and interact with their customer base.

Worldwide, coupons have helped several businesses to gain new clients, reward existing ones and also clear out unsold stock. Business owners can now get real time feedback from previous customers through the ratings and comments feature, and we hope that customer service to clients will be greatly improved nationwide as a result. Business owners should embrace this free platform as a means to give more visibility to their businesses as well as boost their sales.”

Sign up to now and enjoy this new shopping experience!


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