Commonwealth Hall To Expel 28 Students For Allowing 'Perchers'

by Israel Boafo Bansah

Commonwealth Hall of the University of Ghana is set to expel from the Hall 28 Students for “Hosting or Harboring Illegal people in their rooms”, a notice from the Senior Tutor indicates.
Of the 28, 8 of them are Level 100s, 6 each of those to be expelled are Level 200s and 300s and 7 in Level 400. Meanwhile one’s level of study was not provided.
The rules of the school and halls of residence forbids allowing non legal residents of a Hall to be living in those rooms and the punishment for that is expelling of the Legal member who allowed the non legal member from the Hall and in extreme cases may lead to the student’s admission being withdrawn.
The notice indicated that these names had been forwarded to the office of the Hall Master for their residence to be “revoked”.

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