College of Science Increases Females with First Class honours


Published: 11 Jul 2017 Source: University Relations Office (URO)

Professor Mrs. Iblok Oduro

Professor Mrs. Iblok Oduro, Provost, College of Science

Sixty (60) females graduated with First Class honours as against 52 that graduated with first class last year. Out of a total of 1003 graduands presented, 634 are males representing 63.21% and 369 are females representing 36.79%.

Professor Mrs. Iblok Oduro, Provost of the College of Science revealed the significant increment in females with first class at the session of the College during the 51st Congregation Ceremony.

She noted that females have taken the best graduating student baton from their male counterparts as the overall best student in the College is a female with Cumulative Weighted Average (CWA) of 83.03.

“As a College we are very proud of this achievement especially as we continue to promote/encourage our young ladies in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programmes.

CoS Graduation 17


Giving the graduating statistics, Professor Mrs. Oduro said out of this number, 170  graduated with First Class honours, representing 16.95%, 503 constituting 50.15% obrtatined 2nd Class honours (Upper Division), 287 representing 28.61% graduated with 2nd Class hounours (Lower Division) and 43 representing 4.29%  had a Pass. 

In comparison to last academic year, 123 graduated First Class honours which mean there has been an improvement of about 47 graduands this year.

Teknokrat Tony F. Danklu

Teknokrat Tony F. Danklu

In his motivational speech, Teknokrat Tony F. Danklu, advised the fresh graduates to be observant, analytical and oragnised in their work endeavours. He observed that the technological era in which they are in should make people use and appreciate science. “make use of technology to create jobs in serving humanity’s needs and to make life easier, instead of searching for jobs”. He stated.

Using his life as an example, he encouraged the graduates not to give up as his own success did not come easier but wit perseverance and the right attitude, he has come this far and contributed to the development of the country and KNUST.

Teknokrat Danklu, urged the graduates to eschew stupidity, laziness and disrespectfulness but to adhere to discipline, equity, fairness and punctuality and never to forget God and their families.

In ending, Teknokrat Danklu encouraged the graduates to join the KNUST alumni association and to contribute to their alma mater.


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